How Are We?

Al Dawlia Al Muttahida Al Kubra Co.Ltd for the import of foodstuffs from the leading companies that have the ability to perform the import, distribution and marketing of all foodstuffs, taking into account the international standards in it.

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Our vision

  1. We strive to be our best choice for the consumer.
  2. We hope to get the best food product authorizations and agents.
  3. To take care of the diversity and expansion of the company’s activity.

Our Goals

High efficiency, conservation, development and motivation

Maintaining the highest quality of products

To meet the needs of customers in order to benefit their aspirations

Work fields

Our Values


distinguishes the product or service provided so that it is free from any defects or shortcomings, and this is achieved through strict adherence to the standards that are measured and approved, so that it is achievable and achievable, and all this is measured on the basis of its satisfaction with customers and users.


Our company is keen on openness, communication and accountability. And review and audit of the company’s budget and financial work schedule, and there is room for dialogue and discussion of laws, instructions and decisions, the work system is transparent.


In order to create a productive work environment in addition to creating a spirit of cooperation between employees, and the truth is that professionalism is at the top of the concerns of the company’s human resource managers because it has many advantages, the most important of which is not to let personal opinions dominate the workflow and the most important thing is not to make differences hinder development and progress.

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Tripoli / Libya

Vella 2 / Alghiran infront of Ben Gharsa Masjid

Sunday – Thursday  / 8:00 – 16:00

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